Basic YaYa Key Operation

The patent-pending technology behind the YaYa Key defines the operation of a single key within a keyboard servicing a smart device. These keyboards can be physical or virtual in nature, and can include as many YaYa Keys as desired. The main characteristics of the theory of operation which powers our technology are:

  • Support for a plurality of lower case and upper case letters, characters, numbers, symbols, strokes, phrases or functions (Hereinafter referred to as characters) commonly used in data input that are contained in an array within the application and can support multiple languages
  • Any number of characters are present in an ARRAY, and assigned from the ARRAY to each individual YaYa Key in a hierarchical sequence
  • Each character assigned to the YaYa Key is given a time value, that being the duration of time that that character will remain in FOCUS on the viewing screen
  • Each character assigned to the YaYa Key is brought into FOCUS on the viewing screen of the electronic device in the hierarchical sequence in which they were assigned and continue to rotor through this sequence based on the CONTINUED PRESS of the YaYa Key
  • The RELEASE OF THE KEY PRESS causes the character currently in focus to be inserted into the data entry field shown on the viewing screen

Theory of Operation