YaYa Key Big LogoData Entry as Easy as Press and Hold

At YaYa Key, we are committed to providing a great experience to our users.  Data entry continues to be a frustrating experience in communicating with smart devices and that is  how our patent-pending technology came to be — we found a problem and we solved it…

Using YaYa Key technology, you simply press the key that contains the character you are seeking and watch it rotate into focus. Once in focus, release the key and the selected character is inserted into the data entry field. No shift key and no need to drop down to another layer of the keyboard to get the symbol or punctuation character you want — just press a YaYa Key and watch it come to you…


Press — Hold — Insert

It really is that easy…  Because our keyboards have fewer keys, we can make those keys much larger. This eliminates fat fingering mistakes that take the fun out of texting or searching. Simply press a YaYa Key and watch your character selection come into focus. Once there, release the key press and the selected character is inserted into your work.


What works for you?

Pick your pleasure — unique keyboard designs to make your experience better. From our Qwerty+ layout to our highly optimized cube design, we have you covered…  We support a wide array of optional character and symbol settings to ensure that your YaYa Key experience matches your expectations.

Our Company

YaYa Key LLC was established in 2013 by a group of technology industry veterans who are dedicated to revolutionizing a users data entry experience.  Our patent-pending technology is based on our  YaYa Key data input method and we offer support for a wide range of smart devices and applications, ranging from  Smart TVs to Smartphones, tablets , game consoles, set-top boxes and streaming applications.   At YaYa Key we are also focused on using our innovative technology to implement enhanced security protection for your Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) used in financial transaction devices. In addition, we are introducing our innovative data entry technology to developing market applications such as wearable smart devices.

Our Keys

Our patent-pending YaYa Key technology can be used to support almost any smart device or application.   Our data input technology has been designed to enhance the user experience and can be implemented through integration into the device firmware, embedded within the application or accessed as a virtual keyboard within the system.  Because of our efficiency in character handling provided by the basic YaYa Key operation, our technology is easily applied to support of multiple language sets, opening vast new markets for our company.

Our Team

The YaYa Key  team is made up of top-notch talent who are focused on bringing a level of simplicity to data entry which has not existed in the past. Our years of experience in the technology marketplace are being put to good use as we continue to explore the many opportunities where our basic technology can make a difference in a users everyday experience with data entry on smart devices.

YaYa Key Board of Directors

Gary Streuter


Ken Burke

President—CMS Products

Dr. Deborah Ferber

Brandman University – Chapman University System

Pat Price

Executive Vice President/CTO/Founder

Scott Harris

Attorney at Law – Patent Practice

Les Kristof

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Thomas McDorman

Vice President—Western Digital Corporation

James Christiansen

Financial Market Security Consultant