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YaYa Key is a subsidiary of Invysta Technology Group – a leader in account access security. Invysta develops technology that can serve to be disruptive in large, established consumer markets. Our business model is to license this technology to established partners who are already active in each of the market segments we choose to serve. Our patent-pending data input technology offers our partners a productive and intuitive method of entering data that is easy for the average user to understand and operate. At YaYa Key , our goal is to streamline the data entry experience and remove the frustration that often accompanies the use of virtual/soft keyboards on smart devices.

We started YaYa Key because we had a better idea – a more efficient and user friendly method of communicating with smart devices.  As we developed our basic technology, we discovered that the application of our technology can and should be expanded to address other market opportunities, namely the lack of security present in the use of Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) used with financial transaction devices like ATM machines and Point-of-Sale devices.

Our goal as a company is to make the use of YaYa Key technology the defacto standard for data entry throughout the world…

  • Introduce innovative technology solutions that make the entry of data on smart devices more productive and less frustrating.
  • Address the growing importance of smart devices in our everyday life and understand the challenge of improving the data input experience.
  • Provide disruptive technology that is easily adapted to our target markets, yet does not require our users to “reinvent” the wheel in terms of a learning curve
  • Use our innovative technology to enhance the security of a users personal identification information
Our YaYa Key technology is overdue in the marketplace and uses its sheer simplicity to impact a huge marketplace. It is the main element of our virtual data input keyboards, which can include YaYa Keys as well as standard use keys. Virtual Keyboard Technology is one of the building blocks of the success of smart devices and are used to express accurately our thoughts and desires. The standard today for data entry is the use of highly virtualized keyboards that are shown on the screen of the smart device. These are also referred to as soft keyboards.

The patent-pending technology behind the YaYa Key defines the operation of a single key within a virtual keyboard servicing a smart device. These keyboards can be physical or virtual in nature, and can include as many YaYa Keys as desired.

Available for your iOS and Android Smartphone and Tablet!

Virtual large character keyboards present major visual improvement to the vision impaired!

At YaYa Key we are dedicated to improving data entry on all smart devices which typically have a small screen and are difficult to see. These smart devices are very easy to use – until it comes time to enter data via the virtual keyboard build into your smart device. Lots of keys and the small keyboard footprint, especially on mobile device, make it very difficult to actually see the keys and leads to “fat fingering” and the need to frequently correct your data entry mistakes.

Virtual keyboards built on the YaYa Key technology solve this problem through our unique “Press & Hold” technology. This patent-pending technology allows the use of fewer keys through our unique  nesting of multiple characters on the same key to make data entry as simple as a continuous press of a YaYa Key until the desired character comes into focus. Once in focus, simply release the key press and the desired character is placed in the desired data entry field. Easy to see means easy to use!

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