Financial Transaction Device Security

Enhanced PIN Security – Financial Transaction Devices

ATM Machines/Point -Of-Sale Terminals

Businesses and consumers alike are all too aware of the dangers of a security breach of our personal identification data when using credit or debit cards in our everyday lives.   Even with the introduction of embedded identification chips into our credit and debit cards (CHIP & PIN) the system is still based on authentication of a customer entered PIN that can easily be compromised by observing the user as they enter their PIN.  Once the PIN is compromised, another level of data security has fallen.

At YaYa Key, we believe that our patent-pending technology can offer massive improvement in security with the addition of very little inconvenience to the user. By using our technology to move from a PIN consisting of four numeric characters to a PIN with three numeric characters and one alpha character, we increase the difficulty of PIN breach via observation by orders of magnitude.

Based on this massive level of security increase, we are introducing our Enhanced PIN Security initiative to the financial community and will work closely with them to bring the promise of our technology to the consumer market. This can be accomplished by integrating our PIN technology directly into the firmware of existing ATM and Point-of-Sale devices, thereby eliminating the need for expensive equipment replacement. We will also work closely with equipment manufacturers to implement our technology into new devices which support the coming CHIP & PIN nomenclature.