Smart Mobile Devices

Android Based Mobile Devices


Given Android’s open platform architecture, we have focused our initial efforts on developing a series of  distinct Android virtual keyboards that incorporate our YaYa Key technology and allow the nesting of multiple characters on keys represented on the keyboard. These keyboards are offered on Google play and are intended to introduce and familiarize users with the benefits of our technology.  Our keyboards share the following characteristics and vary only by the the specific key nesting assigned to them:

  • Efficiently nested characters allow the use of fewer, and thus larger keys within the virtual keyboard.
  • A character preview feature that enlarges the character in focus for very simplistic viewing
  • Downloads directly from Google play
  • Support for an enhanced viewing experience for the “Visually Challenged”
  • Coming Soon: Release of of a “Build your Own Keyboard” application for Android devices
  • Coming Soon: IOS 8 and Windows support for YaYa Key technology