Smart TV - The Ten Foot Experience

“Ten-Foot Experience” Market

Smart TV/Set-Top Box/Optical Disk Players/Streaming Boxes

The “Ten-Foot Experience” refers to a large screen display device such as a Smart TV that serves as an entertainment outlet for the user and is typically addressed through the use of a remote control device. The team at YaYa Key has extensive experience in the Smart TV and Set-Top box markets. From that experience we have had witnessed first-hand the user dissatisfaction with the existing Qwerty or Dvorak virtual keyboards that are used to input data to the smart device. The simple insertion of an email address for signing on to a Smart TV or a streaming application requires the extensive use of  the remote controls transport keys (left/right/up/down) and serves as a very frustrating experience for a user. This frustration with existing data entry methods discourages the user from inputting any more information than is absolutely necessary during setup and use. This lack of inputted data deprives the developer of the smart device or application the opportunity to better understand their customer and to focus their efforts on the actual needs of that user. Our technology can be integrated to these platforms in a number of ways:

  1. Integration of the YaYa Key virtual keyboard into the firmware of the smart device
  2. Integration of our code base into individual applications available on the platform
  3. Integration of our code base directly into the firmware of the remote control unit that accompanies these smart devices for ubiquitous operation across all segments of operation 
  4. Application support for the new generation of Android based Smart TVs