Our Technology

Why YaYa?

Our press & hold key technology is overdue in the marketplace and uses its sheer simplicity to impact a huge marketplace. Virtual and physical keyboard technologies are the building blocks of the success of smart devices and are used to express accurately our thoughts and desires. The demand for smart devices throughout the world is measured in the billions of units and growing rapidly. How we communicate with these smart devices can often determine a users satisfaction or disapproval of the device. The sheer simplicity of our patent-pending technology, with its light-touch learning curve, has the potential to dominate physical and virtual keyboard oriented data entry in almost every market for smart devices.

In addition, YaYa Key is introducing an industry initiative to extend the use of our technology to financial transaction devices such as ATM machines and Point-of-Sale Terminals. Labeled as “Enhanced PIN Security” (EPS), this concept offers improvement in user PIN security that is orders of magnitude beyond what is available today.